eCommerce Management

Are you looking to grow & expand your business and get a Global audience for your products?

We can help! eCommerce is our buzz-word.

Let's start with the basics: Build a global business, not just a website.

    Think Tank !
  • Idea - The idea does not have to be new but ask yourself why do people prefer to buy from other stores than yours.
  • Competition - Who is your competition and how will you compete?
  • Costs - What is your budget in doing business?
  • Delivery and Warehousing - What shipping services are you going to use (or) are you going to have a local pick up?
  • Advertising - With millions of websites and only 10 on the first page of Google search, how are you going to get on that first page?
  • Shopping Carts - There are many to choose from and they vary from a simple PayPal button to more complex retailing systems.
  • Analytics - To improve anything you must measure what you are doing now so you have a history of datum.

        E-commerce requires an integrated approach, combining customer service, marketing, shop design, IT, logistics, and financial services. We provide all of the building blocks you need for a successful e-commerce business model. We develop your online shop (both the front and back ends) and take care of end-to-end fulfillment (B2B, B2C) − whether you want to distribute your products in physical or digital form. Here is how…

▼ Stretching your Idea to a Global Scale

"Proper preparation prevents Poor Performance"

We'll ensure your site's Success through a scientific site strategy and Requirements using our unique Ecommerce Requirements Specifications process.

  • Development of e-business plan and strategy
  • Multi-channel retail for brands
  • Loyalty programs
  • Review of your current e-business
▼ The Key is User Experience

Our User Interface and User Experience experts will help you ensure your site's architecture, navigation and the overall experience. They are optimized for maximum conversion and sales.

  • Website Design, Creation and Hosting
  • Multilingual stores in different currencies
  • Multi-warehouse
  • Pricing per country
  • Optimization for all platforms including tablets and mobile
▼ Online Marketing All the way

Perhaps your site is functioning fairly well, but it's not getting sufficient traffic. Our team provides SEO and targeted online marketing solutions to ensure you gain exposure to the specific audience you need.

  • Content Creation and Management
  • Product creation
  • Product photography
  • Copywriting
  • Catalogue management
  • Merchandising & promotions
  • E-Marketing
  • Customer acquisition (e.g. search engine optimization and online advertising)
  • Customer retention (e.g. eCRM including e-mail marketing)
  • Conversion optimization
  • Information design and usability
  • Analysis and reporting
▼ WebStoreManagement

Once the visitor is enticed to a website through various links, ads or search engines listings; the next big hurdle is the conversion between the regular user and buyer.Your e-Retail site is the face of your online brand and it needs to be regularly updated.

  • Product & Content updates
  • Inventory updates
  • Promotions, Offers & Theme management
  • Image Processing
  • SEM/SEO, e-mail marketing, address and lead generation, affiliate marketing, display advertising
  • Social media monitoring and online market research
  • Any other web-shop related specific requirements from the clients
▼ Hosting & Operations

Your online store will be hosted with trusted third party vendors and BPWorks will ensure ongoing technical maintenance assistance to ensure smooth functioning. E-Commerce sites have specific challenges that come up in the day-to-day operations. A dedicated support team is necessary to ensure high level of uptime irrespective of the challenges that come up. As E-Commerce solutions are highly customized, the platform requires timely assessment and resolution through effective tools and techniques.

As a responsible partner in your E-Commerce initiatives, we assure you our total involvement in the technical and operational aspects of your e-Retail venture. We follow a disciplined approach, proactively monitor the hosting operations, and undertake periodic maintenance.

  • Hosting of the entire E-Commerce Systems
  • Application Monitoring, Analysis and corrective measures
  • Server monitoring & updates
  • Data Backups
  • Risk mitigation and downtime prevention
  • Availability Management - 24/7 Automatic System Control
  • Incident Management - Helpdesk and Escalation Management
  • Service Desk - Various Support Levels
  • Service Level Management - Availability from 8/5 to 24/7 for enhanced service deliveries
  • Vendor Management - Acceptance of Support Enquiries to Third-Party Suppliers
▼ Order Management & Fulfillment

With an existing warehouse present in 6 countries apart from the GCC countries. Our strong warehouse presence reduces you effort in bulk shipping of goods to the targeted countries. We would take care of the relevant paper work and carrying forwarding of goods to the respective warehouses. Hence providing you the freedom to concentrate on what you do best when we take care of the rest for you.

  • Warehousing
  • Stock management
  • Packaging
  • International delivery (including reverse logistics)
  • Special handling (customized order fulfillment for special events)
▼ Multilingual Customer Support Center

The ecommerce storefront, checkout, email communications, over the phone support etc of your shop can be made available in any language of your choice. (The administrative interface of the shop might have language limitations though)

  • Multichannel and multi-lingual 24X 7 dedicated Customer Support Team
    • Call Center Management
    • Email Management
    • Chat (IM) Management
  • Listen on Social Media and create a more personal experience for the customer
  • Track all customer interactions
    • Focus on timely responses
  • Serve for the WOW Experience

        In Short, as an e-commerce consultant, we give you all of the services you need for a successful e-commerce business model that's tailored to your customers, widely scalable, reliable, and efficient. We keep you informed and ensure continuous improvement and profitable growth of your e-commerce business.

Why BPWorks?

  • Easy decision making - thanks to low initial investment.
  • We ensure low and predictable project costs.
  • Create your own service package.
  • Option of partial or complete outsourcing of processes.
  • Less risk.
  • Activities - associated with distribution to end customers, thereby reducing your risk exposure.
  • With our full-service solution, you can leverage our extensive experience across the entire process chain, not just our technical skills.
  • Flexibility and scalability.


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